The Microsoft Company as a leader in the software development and solutions provider is very much involved in the development and progress of the Internet as a whole. Many of the recent developments in the computing industry was created or was spearheaded by Microsoft Company, not to mention the very aggressive actions of Microsoft in pushing the expeditious and speedy developments in the Internet arena.

The truth of the matter is that, Microsoft has been creating on the hidden side some of its powerful tools like Microsoft Windows Sharepoint Services which allows web develops and designers the right tools to make use of the web parts as part of the large building blocks of web designing and creation.  Websites like Yahoo and Google are very open in saying about how Microsoft can greatly influence the movements that are happening in the Internet industry.  Some of the more convincing facts about how Microsoft has participated in the Internet industry are the following:

a. Some of the software packages that we are using at the moment are all Microsoft made.
b. Part of the idea in building the Internet came from Microsoft and its people. 
c. Great portion of the websites are owned by Microsoft. 

This goes to show that Microsoft Company is regarded to be one of the most influential companies that helped shape what the Internet is at the moment.  This is history and no one on the Internet or about to invade the Internet can ever deny of that claim.

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