An Intranet is a type of network that is used within a company or enterprise and whose member-users
are usually employees of the organization. The people who rely on the information supplied through an
organizational Intranet are called stakeholder groups. A customer, a supplier, a member of management,
and even an ordinary rank-and-file employee of the organization can all become stakeholders in the use
of the Intranet (because they are all affected by it, albeit in different ways.)

The main point behind setting up Intranets is to improve communication and access to information
between these stakeholders (who would otherwise have to result to more time-consuming means of
communicating instead.) But along with the ease and convenience of using Intranets comes the problem of
Network Traffic Management as well. Traffic, used this way, refers to the amount of information being
sent through the Intranets between users. Generally, the more users you have on one Intranet, the higher
will be the level of your network traffic (depending on how frequently each user delivers messages through
the Internet.)

Some data occupy more network bandwidth (or space on the network) than other types of data. This
may force the network to become crowded at a much faster rate (compared to if smaller bandwidth were
used by the same number of users.) Even though technically you are not barred from using an Intranet as
often as you like, logically any network would have its own limitations based on permissible bandwidth
use per user, and frequency of use.

This may explain why some network administrators may put restrictions on use of the network itself and
who can use the network at a given time. This helps make network management realistic and Network
Traffic Management more ideal.

Network management has become a primary concern among businesses. As vital as consumers are to keep businesses alive, so does network management. After all, businesses thrive on the networks they have. Whether internal or external, a vast array of networks exists in every business.

As a result, business management and operations departments have become stricter when it comes to choosing the best network management. They would of course want to invest in only the best out there. A lot of network management systems have risen and there are also various network management consultancy firms nowadays.

NUVO network management is a leading name.

For the past 15 years, NUVO network management has made a credible name for itself by providing the best IT network services. It places its foundation on the best practices and their mastery of the best industry standards when it comes to providing the best network management system.

NUVO network management has continually built products which are tailored to suit every business need. Their services are also very affordable yet the quality is never compromised. They offer full blown business monitoring from internal networks to external devices and online protocols such as email and the Internet.

In addition, NUVO network management also has a wide range of software each specializing on any particular business need. These products are also easy to follow so everyone within the business would not experience a hard time figuring out how to make them work. These programs are also quite easy to setup so anybody can opt to install them without major difficulties.

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