Oracle HCM Cloud

What options are available for Escalation and Expiration of human tasks in Process Cloud Service?

Make headway so that your company oversees and monitors service provider problems, change management processes, and escalation procedures.

What is your organizational impact of the shift to cloud based HRIS?

Understand the impact of vendor pricing on solutions (for example, hybrid cloud architecture).

How do you make your users access to cloud services seamless yet secure?

Lead the definition and delivery of services and tools that help developers build cloud applications.

Where is your organization in the decision making / cloud transition process?

Finance is on a journey to transform into an insights driven and proactive organization that provides continuous decision support to your business partners.

Are you considering moving to a cloud based HCM solution?

These constructs/capabilities to ensure execution and support for needed business results while controlling enterprise engineering and DevOps transformations including Cloud infrastructures across enterprise enabling enterprise solutions with quality, security standards and speed to market delivery.

What were your biggest implementation challenges when moving to the cloud?

However, with these implementations, additional requirements regarding protocols, connectivity, network structure, data retention, and analytics can pose security challenges to an established network architecture.

How do other organizations decide on the best fitting cloud model for business strategies?

Work with (internal) clients to develop cloud infrastructure architectures, migration strategies and cost modeling.

Are midsize companies adopting HCM cloud in a piecemeal or suite strategy?

Hcm strategy and transformation consulting across people, process and organization enabled by technology.

What is the ROI for your organization to migrate to the cloud?

Work with telecom technology, business, and finance teams to create ROI and cash flow analyses required to justify cloud migrations.

Will your new cloud applications allow you to retire some of your customizations?

Develop workflow customizations and performing quality assurance testing and user acceptance testing.

Is your organization considering the purchase of an Oracle Cloud product license?

While your organization is building incredible products, you also want to add to your wonderful team and company.

Is cloud computing really ready for prime time?

Be vigilant about security and adhere to best practices to secure your cloud infrastructure and real time platform.

What do clients expect of the cloud?

Help develop business cases and roadmaps for cloud adoption, migration, transformation and innovation initiatives, advise (internal) clients on costs and support budget planning activities.

How to track cloud cost changes?

Track involvement in leading multi stream cloud transformation programs and initiatives for mid to large scale organizations.

Do you really need your own cloud?

Be sure your staff is designing, deploying and maintaining cloud infrastructure.

How to move large amounts of data to public cloud?

Ensure you are putting everything into the cloud and moving large amounts of data in near real time.

Is it possible to integrate data in the cloud with other systems on premise or third party?

Maintain Windows desktop and server environments on premise and in Azure.

How is cloud use different from on premise?

Be sure your group is involved in MuleSoft On Premises and Cloud solutions.

Are local cloud providers ready?

Be certain that your design is involved in security vendors and/or public cloud providers is under management.

Will the next HCM solution be cloud based?

Develop experience leading or participating in the lifecycle of a HCM transformation.

Which cloud computing model is right for you?

Make sure the Research Analyst is responsible for reviewing the output of automated detection and classification models and developing requirements for enhancements and new models.

When should clients consider the cloud?

Develop experience supporting technology delivery to commercial or organization (internal) clients (via engineering, testing, deployment, operation, or maintenance of IT systems).

Is a saas or cloud solution right for you, now?

Interface so that your staff is responsible for design, development, and implementation of Cloud solutions.

Can your staff and customers benefit from the cloud?

Ensure you know what matters most to (internal) customers (internal and external) and can simplify product requirements to deliver benefits to (internal) customers as quickly as possible.

What does the cloud do for IT and you?

Ensure your Cloud Solutions business encompasses infrastructure, data and analytics, digital workplace, application development, and business applications services that apply the benefits of technology to empower enterprise (internal) customers.

Why focus on TCO specifically in Cloud HCM?

Ensure you can translate and transform ambiguity into focused positive outcomes.

What are oracle cloud applications?

This is to include cloud and virtualization capabilities based on industry standards that manage consolidation, elasticity, provisioning, and transparent migration of applications or other hosted offerings between servers regardless of location, replication, and high availability configurations.

Do you satisfy auditing and reporting requirements for data in the cloud?

Analyze legacy reporting and metrics and understand business requirements for key features.

Is your personal information secure on Workday and in the cloud?

Develop and execute offensive security testing as defined by Information Security Leadership.

Are your cloud costs under control?

Read, interpret, and follow Security policies, controls and technical requirements.

What should you look for in a cloud provider?

Create proof of concept solutions using native cloud provider technologies and manage capabilities to application teams.

Who has ownership of data in a cloud model?

Take a sense of pride and ownership in helping drive positive results for a team.

Why are Oracle customers choosing Oracle cloud solutions?

Perform integration technical design for integrating cloud and on premise solutions.

How to measure cost of private cloud?

Make sure your operation looks for ways to improve processes and procedures using automation and innovative solutions.

Why is oracle hcm cloud so popular?

Interface so that your strategy acts as a HCM cloud Technical SME in implementing and supporting HCM Cloud Applications covering conversion, integrations, customizations and reports.

Which cloud model is right for you?

Manage security considerations for the transition of SaaS on prem applications to private cloud environments.

How will your compliance requirements be met by private, public, and hybrid clouds?

It accelerates application discovery, migration, micro-segmentation planning and deployment; enables visibility, monitoring and troubleshooting across virtual and physical networks, SD-WAN and Hybrid/Public Clouds.

Is your organization ready to transition to an Oracle HCM Cloud solution?

Orchestrate integration strategy between HCM/ERP cloud and downstream systems.

What workloads do you move to the cloud?

Perform application portfolio analysis to identify management applications and workloads for migration to the Cloud.

What do you need to do to prepare for the cloud?

Aws has broad and deep iot services, from the edge to the cloud.

Is the vendor at the leading edge of cloud technology?

Be certain that your team improves organization effectiveness using solid knowledge in organizational design principles.

Is the cloud safe for personal information?

Conduct capacity planning to properly size, scale, maintain and troubleshoot all cloud environments in a high volume, mission critical production resource supporting multiple business units for timely access to data.

What is driving the transition to cloud based HCM?

Identify business requirements and map them to the HCM Cloud functionality.

What kinds of cost savings do you expect with moving to the cloud?

Be certain that your personnel committed to creating a workplace where all kinds of people work together.

What peoplesoft customers have moved to oracle cloud applications?

Examine you have a lead implementation of advising (internal) customers based on the business challenges, designing solutions that scale, building and managing those solutions, and optimizing returns into the future.

How do you learn about public cloud?

It helps (internal) customers build an optimized, highly available and secure network infrastructure across multi cloud environments.

Do you implement single sign on in the cloud?

Architecture and design of enterprise Data Warehouse applications while providing technical leadership for Data Warehouse implementations, with design and coding standards.

Is HCM reporting strategy getting lost in the race to the cloud?

Safeguard that your staff is involved in provisioning a virtualized cloud service environment.

Why does a complete cloud matter to you?

Where required, train Information Security staff and IT technical staff on matters of cloud security.

Do you have a track record of investing in self sufficiency projects with other cloud based or enterprise systems?

Advanced involvement with financial tracking and reporting of projects costs using percent of completion accounting (POC) principles.

Is the full cloud or the core hybrid deployment option the right one for you?

Participate in the design, configuration, and deployment of a Cloud network and invest in the migration of existing applications to new cloud hosting platforms.

What is the migration approach to cloud?

Assure your operation is engaging with development, infrastructure, security and IT operations teams at the (internal) customer and identifying repeatable patterns and architectures for cloud migration.

How is a supplier of renewable energy empowering its people with an extension solution in the cloud?

Recruit work with the development team with priority to develop new functionality (or extension to existing functionality) to support changes/enhancements in Service Cloud.

Do peoplesoft customers have to move to the cloud?

With extensive functionality across business processes, (internal) customers can solve the business problems with complete solutions that give them end to end execution and complete visibility.

How do you consume a public cloud?

Work closely with system users ((internal) customers, partners, consulting) to understand product needs and translate them into functional user experiences.

How do you move your organization towards Cloud?

Lead and execute consultative and advisory engagements with your organizations various business segments that are undergoing technology modernization and cloud migration initiatives.

Is your organization trying to focus on an HCM cloud strategy?

Develop experience applying the principles of service management across on premise and cloud solutions.

How do you map current data to Oracle Cloud?

Analyze current application portfolios and define the target state and transition roadmap for migrating applications to the public cloud providers (Azure, AWS, GCP).

How do you use a cloud deployment to shift towards your organization of the future?

Strategy Annual strategy considering gaps/paths from current state to future state latest innovations, organizational structure to improve IT processes, with ultimate goal to improve the efficiency, timeliness, and reliability of business information.

What additional functionality can the cloud offer?

Lead demonstrations of S4HANA on prem and S4HANA Cloud functionality.

Why Oracle cloud platform for Oracle saas and apps?

Design and lead ERP projects as platform installations, upgrades and migrations, data extracts for financial or audit purposes, integration with other mobile and cloud apps.

Do you view Quest as a trusted source of information regarding Oracle Cloud products?

Act as a source of sound judgement and trusted counsel to decision makers on time sensitive, operational decisions.

Do you have the right/easy systems and processes in place to use the cloud?

Interface so that your personnel compiles and analyzes operational data and directs tests to establish standard for new designs or modifications to existing equipment, systems, or processes.

What is the best path to the cloud for you?

Secure that your operation provides leadership in establishing analytic environments required for structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data that includes a real-time cloud-frastructure with both hot and cold-path data processing capabilities and that minimizes processing resource utilization through elastic execution.

How does employee timekeeping work in Oracle Cloud?

Manage labor planning, daily overtime, training schedules and hourly team member timekeeping; partnering with supervisors, staff, management and other parties to make decisions on process changes, standardized work and kaizen activities.

Can the oracle cloud applications meet your needs?

Ensure you have implemented at least 2 full integration projects involving on premises and Cloud applications.

Why is cloud important for an enterprise?

Mandatory exposure to cloud monitoring management cross cloud automation technologies as Terraform enterprise, Ansible.

When using a public cloud, who will control the tap?

Interface so that your staff is involved in information security concepts, common technical security controls, and security design principles.

How does cloud factor into your current environment and your long term strategy?

Make sure your strategy is involved in architecting or implementing identity management concerns in code, which could include modernizing legacy solutions to a centralized identity provider and/or cloud migration.

Why should business managers care about cloud security?

Perform spot buys, provide sourcing event support for Sourcing managers and Business units.

Does your it team know of artifacts that can be transferred to your cloud implementation, either wholly or in part?

Develop skills in collecting and analyzing cloud forensic artifacts.

What is new in sales cloud extensibility?

Oversee that your operation is involved in sales cloud and service cloud.

What hybrid cloud model is best?

Ensure you focus on the cutting edge services and technologies used in cloud operating models.

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