In today’s world, you can manage to catch up shows you failed to see on television during its regular air time through podcasting.  Podcasting is a latest technology available on demand.

The word podcasting was derived from the linguistic blend of two words, IPod and broadcasting.  It is the process of digitally recording a radio broadcast or similar program and have these programs available on the Internet for downloading to a personal audio player or an MP3 player.  

Podcasting is publishing series of related shows or episodes over the Internet by syndicated download.  It is different from searching and downloading a music file, as you do not have to search for the files.  

You receive new files automatically by subscribing through an RSS feeds. The podcaster is the host or author of the podcast. To do podcasting, you should have a computer, podcasting software and most importantly an Internet connection.  

To get the music or video you want is to sign up for podcasts just as you would sign up for a blog.  Once subscribed, you are able to access file and choose what you want to download on your personal audio player or an MP3 player.

The use of podcasting nowadays is not limited to personal downloads but it is now used in schools, online businesses, media releases and a lot more institutions have managed to adapt to this latest technology.

In a school setting, students and teachers find podcasting as a means of sharing information.  A student who missed a class can watch a recorded lesson by means of podcasting.   Teachers or school administrators find podcasting as a tool in communicating with children’s parents and community in terms of the school’s curriculum, activities and other information.

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