When it comes to searching resources, references, and valuable information about specific field of study in Siebel applications, software, and other Siebel products then Siebel Bookshelf is at your service. It actually provides product users and IT professionals the complete guide they need in familiarizing themselves in Siebel applications.

Moreover, a certain Siebel bookshelf is published before the release of Oracle’s Siebel Business Applications to provide the target user of the products the information they need to know. Hence, in a Siebel bookshelf you find the introduction or the overview about the product, then, it is also revised as new products are being released.

The documentation that Siebel bookshelf provides will explain all the changes that happened in a specific Oracle Siebel application. Also found in the Siebel Bookshelf are the latest products which are being compared with the previous products to highlight the differences, similarities, and what’s the new product has to offer.

In the documentation part of the Siebel bookshelf is of course the long list of documents listed in alphabetical order. This documentation functions like a library catalogue wherein all reports, references and guides about a specific application product are available to be dealt with. The Siebel Bookshelf also offers information about the latest changes in Siebel applications and software every month.

Another feature of Siebel bookshelf is its documentation by product line which presents users information such as implementation planning, installation/upgrade, system administration, application integration, application development, application administration, and others which can all serve as guidelines in understanding Oracle’s Siebel product lines.

What’s more about Siebel Bookshelf is that it gives the users the chance to get updates, download the documentation, and other services they can offer to achieve customer satisfaction.

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