Have you ever wondered how a website is capable of sending thousands of news e-mails to your e-mail box at given time schedule or at times they on a daily basis.  This feature is an innate feature that generally of websites has.  This mechanism is being performed by the Simplenews module provided by Drupal.  

Simplenews module basically is responsible in publishing and sending of newsletters and update e-mails to both the registered and the non-registered users who opted and subscribe to the mailing list of the website.  The simplenews module is similar to the mime module of the HTML.  With the latest version of the Drupal, specifically the 6.x and above, the simplenews module is capable of supporting varied language of a newsletters and triggers.  

The simplenews module works very effectively by sending a list of questions to each subscribed or non-subscribed members of the mailing list and majority of the questions placed on it are referencing to what sort of features or functionality these users desire so that an update can be included on the software. A given time frame of usually one month and at least 60-70 contributors have been gathered, the referencing questions shall now be ended.  

Although the simplenews module may look to be perfectly working, there is still a drawback (a bug as they usually call it) that it possesses.  The simplenews module is not yet compatible to work with the category module.  However, this was compensated well with the recent development in compatibility issue.  The latest simplenews is compatible to work with the RC2 and the Views module version 2.0.

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