A business would only be prosperous when it knows how to create competitive advantage. And this is only possible if the people in the company have the right information and they have it at the right time. That’s why companies have MIS. MIS is there to support managers create competitive advantage for the company. And they normally do so by providing wise and sound decisions every time.

The real essence of Management Information Systems can be computerized or it can be manual. However, with today’s businesses things really need to be computer-based to be more efficient. And so MIS is under a computer-based system wherein the people, the technologies and the procedures in the company are sort of coordinated so as to provide sufficient and timely information for the managers to make decisions as needed. This is done through routine reports and special reports. Simulations are also done to be prepared for rather foreseen future situations.

It is now the job of the MIS analyst to design a system that would be appropriate for the company. He first has to define the existing set up and the people who will produce and use the data. And with the use of his knowledge on hardware, software and computer information systems, he would now organize things as he sees efficient.

So really, the work of the MIS analyst is to analyze and design a system that is efficient for the company. Meaning, he should design a system that would support the decision making tasks of the managers and make the company more productive and successful.

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