The Office of Government Commerce of the government of the United Kingdom, which created the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (commonly called ITIL®), aims to keep end users updated on developments regarding ITIL®. ITIL® is a compilation of best practices in the burgeoning field of IT which allows end users to maintain the best possible IT system within their organization.


There are two examinations that are conducted by independent companies. The first ITIL® exam host is the Examination Institute for Information Science (or EXIN). The second is the System Examination Board (or ISEB). These companies develop and organize the exams and conduct ITIL® certifications.


Though these companies do not offer courses based in ITIL®, there are companies which are dedicated to offering courses concerning ITIL® training. These companies also conduct ITIL®-related services such as management consultancy in ITIL®, and helping examinees prepare for examinations hosted by EXIM or ISEB.


These examinations are necessary to assure test takers adhere to the required ITIL® standards while guaranteeing they keep up with service quality standards. By taking either of the tests, you are able to find out how good you are when it comes to ITIL® knowledge and is a stepping stone towards ITIL® certification. Through taking the examinations, you will be conforming to international standards which in themselves are necessary to avoid confusion in the IT industry among ITIL® practitioners.


Companies which prepare ITIL®-exam-related courses try to give exams which are as similar as possible to the real thing.


A company that offers these exam-related services focuses on preparing you for certification in ITIL®. They offer mock exams that are patterned almost exactly on the same ITIL® knowledge base so that you are assured of optimum performance when it comes to the real exams. These mock exams will uncover your weak points and they help you to progress so that you can improve over time.

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