What to look for in a Cloud Computing certification course

If you’re among the many individuals who understand the significance of cloud computing (and its related technologies) you are probably already on the lookout for a quality supplementary educational program (in this area).    Cloud Computing has taken the world by storm in a very short amount of time and seems to be growing / advancing at an alarming rate.  For those employed within the IT community, this is a clear sign that additional training and certification are in order.

As you may well already be aware, a number of high-profile experts (including those who work in or alongside some very well known companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google, etc) are anticipating an industry-wide shift toward cloud computing at some very near point in the future; meaning, cloud technologies might replace the traditional IT model entirely.  However, even if this doesn’t happen, the fact of the matter is that “the cloud” has already been adopted by an eye-opening cast of characters.  Among those who have implemented cloud computing are high-profile corporations, academic institutions and even governmental organizations across the globe.  In other words, most cloud computing pursuits (right now) seem to be limited to larger groups with specific business goals / demands.  The use of cloud technologies by individuals is certainly on the rise, but seems to be angled, or rather limited to entertainment (and perhaps email).  Sure, there are a number of other cloud-enabled products that the average consumer can pursue, but individuals have yet to embrace cloud computing with the same aplomb as that of businesses.   However, once again, industry experts and trends forecasters are predicting that cloud computing will soon take the world by storm.

It is very likely that cloud computing will either (at the very least) become an integral part of most traditional IT models, or replace the current system entirely. This underscores a very important point for IT professionals and asks the question, “how exactly should we prepare for widespread adoption of cloud computing?”  The most obvious answer to that question is, “through a quality cloud computing certification program”.

So, what should you be looking for in a cloud computing certification course?

While cloud computing is far from being considered a fully developed area, there is still a large amount of extremely pertinent and useful information to absorb.  Your certification program should not only familiarize you with every major aspect of cloud computing itself, but also point you toward more pertinent areas which will reinforce your “career duties”, if you will.  Likewise, a quality cloud computing training program should also be able to present you with the most up-to-date information available from the most recent reputable sources.

Certification Preparation
Aside from merely educating individuals a great cloud cert program needs to be able to really prepare you for your certification test(s).  In fact, a top notch program should be able to help you pass any test upon the first try.  The best prep programs for cloud computing often include mock-up tests which are perfect reflections of what one would encounter on a real cert exam.

Expertly designed course
In order to facilitate learning and ensure that students retain as much information about the subject as possible, it is necessary that a course be designed by an industry insider / expert.  An expertly designed course facilitates accelerated learning and gets individuals to think about cloud computing in a more comprehensive, or inclusive fashion.

Digital Delivery
The best cloud computing certification courses are digitally delivered, over the internet; this is often referred to as e-learning.  These programs are as portable as they are informative and thorough, and because they are deployed digitally, you can study anywhere, at any time.  Cloud computing certification and training is a breeze when you can simply open up your laptop, tablet, or mobile device and jump back into your course; compare this with schedule-destroying courses at a local college.

Affordability / Cost-Effectiveness
Finally, we have the affordability factor to contend with.   While it’s true that it is possible to take a cloud computing certification / preparation course at some local university, you must realize that a classroom-based program will cost hundreds of dollars more.   Digitally delivered cloud courses not only better prepare students for career challenges and certification exams, but they are also relatively inexpensive and won’t conflict with a busy work schedule.  If you are already working full-time, having to attend a class is beyond problematic, and how are you supposed to truly absorb the information if you’re inconvenienced?  In other words, it’s not very cost-effective to spend large sums of money on a course where you are not going to get the maximum benefit; this makes online cloud certification and training is best the solution, overall.

If you’re ready to take the next step toward preparing yourself and your career for big shifts toward cloud technology, click here.

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