When we talk about a Foundation Guide IT, as it pertains to ITIL® Management, it may mean a
document used to prepare for the Foundation Exam in ITIL® so that you can earn the Foundation
standard certificate. A Guide could take the form of a downloadable document or a complete
class that you have to attend in real time. Either way, it should list down all the
concepts and processes that are given in the ITIL® Management field, and also help you
figure out answers to questions or situations that could be presented in the actual
Foundation Certification exam itself. It may culminate in a simulation of the exam so that
you know how you would fare under actual test conditions.

To be complete, your Foundation Guide may also allow you to see how ITIL® Management Service
actually is implemented in a case study. A case study is important because it can reveal IT
and ITIL® problems that others have encountered in the past, as well as the solutions that
they found effective.

To be really helpful, it would help if the case study were based on actual ITIL®-related
situations that cropped up in real ITIL® application conditions as used by ITIL®

A student who has gone through an ITIL® Management Service case study will learn how to
prepare for a similar or the same situation when it rears its ugly head at his place of
employment. This means adopting a proactive approach towards technical problems, identify
and solve problems before they can affect the clients, learn how to make ITIL® Management
Service solutions cost-effective, and cut down on incidents of failure of or complaints
about the IT infrastructure (hopefully to zero incident level.)

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