Not a lot of people are able to realize that landing pages are classified into two different types.  Initially, the landing page that they know is just a landing page that they have.  However, when you look at the structure, the content, the design, and all aspects about it, the landing pages just vary and differ. Below are the two types of landing pages.  You may want to know what your landing page is.

a. The Reference type of landing page.  This type of a landing page has a page content that directly impacts thus relevant to the expected visitor. This type of a landing page can display and contain multimedia elements such as text, images, graphics, links, and others.  This type of a landing page type is very effective when they it is able to attain the fundamental aim of the publisher  — these objectives may be association, conglomerates, and public service.  The reference landing page type’s success and effectiveness is being determined by the amount of advertisements and marketing placed on them.  
b. The Transactional type of landing page.  This type of a landing page are those lading pages that try to encourage an motivate visitors to take an action regarding what you are offering such as filling out the personal data sheet or merely giving out their contact name and contact details such as e-mail address.  The transactional landing page is basically geared towards making a successful upsell on the products that they offer.  

With these pieces of information, the next time you plan about doing your landing page, you need to know first the type of landing page that you want to achieve.  

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