It is always possible to come up with a Risk Management System for your organization if you pour enough energy, skills, talents, time and money into the project. However, just what kind of Risk Management System are you trying to produce in the first place?

If the Risk Management System you are trying to produce is one which will deal with environmental threats, then apparently you are trying to identify ways in which fire, earthquakes, typhoons, hurricanes, tornadoes and other environmental disasters can possibly hit the members, assets and financial stability of your organization. For this, you need insurance coverage, probably of a very thorough sort, which can be recommended by a well-trained risk management and insurance specialist.

If the Risk Management System you want should be able to predict the ups and downs of your investments so that you can predict when losses will be absorbed and when profits should be pursued, then your system should consider the risk and investment profile of your organization instead. Someone with a strong background in financial investments and their risks should help you with creating such a system.

If your ideal Risk Management System is one which can assess the security controls of your information technology systems within the organization, then you need an Information Technology specialist who has also had adequate training in risk management as well. Such people have become very necessary nowadays because of hackers who take pride in being able to penetrate and even destroy information technology systems of key institutions – either by breaking security codes or sending a destructive software program to wreak havoc in your system when an unwary employee downloads the Trojan horse program.

These are just some examples of Risk Management Systems you might want to set in place within your organization. An expert in every sub-discipline of risk management should be consulted for best results.

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