What version of Sitecore are you currently running?

Perform data backups and disaster recovery operations.

What is your current Sitecore contracted/quoted support level agreement?

Be sure your group manages the delivery of contracted services to (internal) clients to ensure that SLAs (service level agreements) and KPI (key performance indicators) as defined in the relevant contracts are met or exceeded.

What sitecore integrations are expected?

Monitor issue tracking system and initiate appropriate response activities in adherence with contracted service level requirements.

Which pages should be targets for Sitecore content optimization?

Ensure you are also the source of the data and analytics behind Targets Internet of Things (IoT) applications, fraud detection, Supply Chain optimization and demand forecasting.

How do you start gaining insights from search in Sitecore?

Leverage data, insights, and measurement to build innovate marketing communication plans that reach partner audience targets and achieve partner ROI goals and objectives.

Have you been able to successfully use Sitecore to achieve your goals?

Make sure your design has results orientation driving to deadlines, financial targets, project goals, etc.

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