One of the major difficulties in getting a CNNA Certification is having hands on experience with the equipment. One way is purchasing all the needed tools and gear, which is of course expensive and may cause you trouble in getting the right model.
Another convenient alternative is virtual labs that include everything you need.

Today technology provides students different options in making their CCNA course a breeze. There are software packages that are available in online shops to create virtual labs with the latest Cisco switches and routers. This simulated lab works just like a real hardware lab where you can practice and get your CCNA requirements done. Students can connect to the virtual lab by simply using any IOS, Telnet or a Cisco Management application. Some virtual lab applicants can only cost you less than $99 and you can also download a free trial copy.

Virtual lab is basically designed to provide you an opportunity to practice your hands on exercises. This will aid you in answering the simulation format questions. With a simulated tool, this can give you access on different 2500 and 2621 series routers and many more.

The CCNA virtual labs can recreate a real lab setting while working with the updated network of Cisco Switches and routers. This will help you in saving time and money in purchasing expensive equipments. This is ideal for beginners who are interested in practicing and getting themselves familiarized with the different complexities of network environment.

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