WiMax promises internet at home, business or everywhere you go.   A standard technology, which allows delivery of information through high speed and access wirelessly thus enabling fixed and mobile broadband services over large coverage areas. 

The WiMax Forum is an industry led, not for profit organization having more than 530 companies to include over 200 operators certified to promote broadband wireless products based on IEEE 802.16 standards.  They work closely with service providers, regulators, equipment vendors, test equipment manufacturers, certification labs, and application service providers of ensuring that systems as produced meet customer and government requirements.

WiMax’s significant improvements in speed over current wireless networks, has appealed new entrants, wireline, cable, satellite and wireless service providers to apply WiMax standards.  There is growth in the proliferation of companies providing WiMax solutions.  These WiMax solutions include infrastructure, applications, devices and services.

WiMax solutions are designed to offer high-performance wireless network equipment and services, which gives communities and businesses to communicate without boundaries.  These companies provide WiMax solutions that will answer the provision of a powerful base station and antenna systems.  Some provide solution to “power” problem, the inability to deliver the power budget necessary to get through glass and walls, while delivering broadband data rates. 

WiMax solution providers allows you to get connected without haing to install anything within the customer premises.  Because of the not so steep, intellectual property proprietary, the cost to get connected is less significant than DSL, cable and other first generation wireless broadband offerings.

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