There are a lot of people out there who, at one time in their life, have dreamed about becoming a recording artist or a video jock, or owning a radio station and listen to all the types of music.  However, most of these dreams have not come into a realized thing before.  But now, with the Internet and the podcasting technology, everyone’s dream of becoming a music icon can become a reality.

With podcasting you can connect to almost everyone who is able to connect to the Internet.  This wide coverage of the Internet makes it possible for anyone who has a podcast of his own to upload it on the Internet and potentially allow everyone to listen to it.

Podcasting is available to all because it is by nature free from any charge.  It is a free feature which gives anyone the option to download any podcast  from a podcasting site.  Once downloaded, they can listen repeatedly to these files either on their personal audio devices or computers.   

Podcasting was first developed by the famed software developer Dave Winer and MTV VJ Adam Curry back in 2004.  It was Adam Curry who developed the program known as Ipodder that allowed him to download radio channels and broadcasts going to his own Ipod device.  

Due to this phenomenal development, many other programmers attempted to duplicate and enhance his work which made the podcasting into a dynamic thing that we have now.  Curry, the prime mover in the development of the podcasting is now hosting his own show “The Daily Source Code” which is one of the most popular podcasting shows in the Internet.  

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