When is service no longer acceptable… or good enough?


Ok – so I may be getting on my soap box again today, but this chest needs cleansing…


As one does on lazy Sunday mornings, I went to a café for a relaxing and leisurely Sunday brunch with a friend.   We hadn’t frequented this place for a while, but had always had good experiences .. til now…


Service was last on the menu here… actually – don’t even think it was on the menu, judging by the way I had to get my own menu after waiting 10min for it.  Then I decided to go to counter to order ( it was table service) to be told that they will be with me soon…. 10 more ,min later, and another 15min to get our coffee in a not so busy café… we were over it, as was the couple who walked out after waiting 15min to be served.


My soap box cry is –  how would life in a business be like if we as ITSM just did as we pleased and not focussed on that which is our bread and butter – our customers!  Sure we would have great machinery, and we could get everything done that ‘we wanted to do’ – but how long would that last until the customer, like us and the other couple… walk out/find another provider…


Thank goodness for SLA’s!  At least you and I know what to expect! – unlike the café -that when asked how things were – heard it!


The power of choice!


Till next time Cheers from the ITIL® Australia Team at The Art of Service



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