Six Sigma has been there for two decades already. It has been used to improve the general performance and to increase cost savings. Many huge companies such as Motorola, General Electric, Honeywell, Merril Lynch and 3M owe their successes to Six Sigma. If you decide to use it for your business organization you should know how important it is to implement the processes. Furthermore, the framework and planning should be predefined.  You might as well incorporate the basic concepts in marketing like zero defects, quality management, quality control and many others.

These concepts are necessary to achieve the desired results with the least expenses and defects. There are managers who require their staff and employees to undergo Six Sigma training. Moreover, they also see to it that they attain a certain degree of certification to make sure that they have passed the exam. These trainings vary in depth and scope. The Master Black belts are the ones responsible in supervising the Black belts. Meanwhile, these Black belts will be the one to handle and supervise the Green belts. The top management should also have a background on these processes.

There are many Six Sigma books that will surely help in acquiring knowledge about the various statistical tools and how to use them to improve the organization. These Six Sigma books can be your ultimate guide to know the different manufacturing processes and how it should be handled. The principle behind Six Sigma is lessening the defects or completely eliminating them. These self-help books could be the answer.

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