You need not worry too much if you’re just beginning to create a blog using WordPress.  You can get lots of help from the WordPress community as well from other bloggers.  

If you’re a bit confused in using some WordPress functionalities and tools, the WordPress forum is the best place to get fast support.  You could find lots of WordPress how to guides in the community forum.

Search for a topic that is related to your concern.  Read the threads and discussions and you can surely find a WordPress how to posted by other veteran bloggers.

You can also start a new thread of discussion and ask specific questions.  State your problem and describe what you want to do with your blog.  In a matter of hours, some other bloggers will post an answer for you.  

If the solution is still confusing, continue the discussion and ask further clarification from the forum posters.  Veteran bloggers will usually oblige and will continue to interact with you.  If you got your answer, don’t forget to send a thank you note in the thread and tell them that you have solved your problem.  

You can also send a support ticket to the WordPress admin.  Getting answers through a support ticket might take some time.  If you get a reply, an administrator could send you a WordPress how to guide or point you to a forum post discussing such topics.

Tech blogs and websites are also good sources of WordPress how to guides and manuals.  You can find sites dedicated purely to WordPress how to articles.  Just look for topics or troubleshooting tips you need and follow the step by step instructions you can find.

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