The Foundation Certificate in Service Quality Management is your introduction to the ISO 20000 standard, this program is supplementary to the ITIL®® Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management and together they become the required background for professionals working for an ISO/IEC 20000 certified IT service provider or a provider wishing to meet this standard in the future. This program also looks at the role of ISO 9000 in Service Quality Management.

ISO 20000 will become a basic requirement for IT Service providers and is fast becoming the most recognized symbol of quality regarding IT Service Management processes. The Art of Service is pleased to be able to present the Foundation Certificate in Service Quality Management to assist IT professionals master and understand the standard itself and issues relating to earning actual standards compliance.

The Art of Service with headquarters in Brisbane, Australia, is a specialty IT Framework Educator.
Our strengths lie in the IT Service Management, ITIL®, ISO 20000, Cobit, SOA and generic IT Management Framework education.
Our philosophy is to educate our clients to enable them to achieve IT Service Excellence without additional external help.


The company specializes in IT Framework education programs and associated products. The company has served over 800 clients and 20,000 students in 33 countries. A recognized leader in the international service management community, The Art of Service’s management team has been involved with practical application of service management concepts and practices since 1989 and has been instrumental in the development of ITIL® since its inception. The Art of Service has strong personal ties with EXIN, one of the main exam institutes in ITIL® Service Management Certification. This ensures that our courses and their contents are constantly in line with certification requirements. Finally, we have strong ties with the Office of Government Commerce (formerly known as the CCTA), which is the source for ITIL® development. This ensures not only an ability to keep up to date with the latest developments, but rather enables us to be actively involved in that development.

The Art of Service offers education programs and associated products globally. Our employees have a combined consulting & education role: this means they spend time out in the field, as well as in the class room. The minimum skill set for our consultants is:

  • Thorough Management Experience
  • ITIL® Service Manager Certified
  • Project Management skills
  • Management of Change, Coaching and Mentoring skills

These skill sets have been achieved through (certified) education, as well as extensive experience.

The Art of Service has two main service lines: Consultancy and Education. Both service lines concentrate on Service Management, with a particular focus on IT Service Management and the ITIL® Framework. Our products are based around service management best practices, like ITIL®, and are focused on delivering high quality cost effective solutions to our customers.
The core of these service are our consultants who have many years of wide ranging experience at the operational, tactical and strategic levels in both public and private organizations.
Products include:

  • IT Service Management Scan
  • IT Service Management auditing
  • Leadership coaching and mentoring
  • Templates, documentation, publications and toolkits for the DIY clients

The Art of Service is a globally accredited IT Service Management training institute through EXIN. Our consultants, who bring a wealth of “real world” experience to the program alongside the ITIL® theory, deliver courses. This assists participants in not only preparing for the exam; it empowers them to be able to apply Service Management best practices to their work environment.

There are three core course groupings in The Art of Service training portfolio. These are:

  • ITIL® Service Management
  • IT Governance
  • IT Project Management.

For more information about our products and services contact our office by phone 1300 13 44 99 (int. +61 7 3252 2055) or email [email protected]

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