Who has access to the Azure infrastructure and your data?

Review and challenge security controls and risks related to the core information security functions (network and infrastructure security, data protection, application security, threat prevention, incident and event management, third party info security, and identity and access management).

What infrastructure is Azure stack running on?

Review and influence design, architecture, standards and methodologies across a distributed platform and infrastructure technology stack.

How well do Azure portal and Graph API meet enterprise reporting requirements?

Perform analysis, design, development, testing, and deployment for the portal change.

Why should microsoft partners develop a managed services practice on azure?

Create compelling presentations to share effective practices, process improvements to BITS, business partners, and executives with priority.

What benefits did your customer receive after deploying Microsoft 365 and Azure Security?

Ensure your Cloud Solutions business encompasses infrastructure, data and analytics, digital workplace, application development, and business applications services that apply the benefits of technology to empower enterprise (internal) customers.

How does azure active directory fit into zero touch deployment?

Pc, macos, software deployments, email and collaboration tools, mobile devices, av equipment, active directory, lan/wan communications.

What technologies would you use to implement a perimeter network in Azure Virtual Network?

Warrant that your strategy designs network security perimeter architecture and relevant security controls.

What are the Azure features available to build the perimeter network?

Good understanding network security features like IP access lists and stateful protocol inspections.

What is azure Active Directory b2b?

Identity and Access Management (Azure Active Directory, Azure Active Directory B2B, Azure Active Directory Domain Services, Multi Factor Authentication, Okta).

How can azure help a software architect?

Develop experience of full mobile software development life cycle gathering requirement, software architecture, design, coding, integration and testing.

Will your on-premises licenses work with Azure Stack?

Secure that your strategy manages software licenses, statements of work, and contracts.

How do you complete the Azure PowerShell command?

Obtain and maintain any security clearances, status or licenses required by (internal) client to perform work.

How do you calculate Microsoft Azure storage?

Work with project teams and invest in cost modeling across compute, storage, licenses, and data protection.

Is the procurement and deployment of Azure stack in scope?

Make headway so that your organization is managing Web team budget, procurement management and tech stack.

Have you looked at Azure recently?

End to end Supply Chain solutions architecture involvement, across technology stacks (Custom, out of the shelf) and suites (ERPs, Planning solutions, PLM solutions, e Procurement and e Sourcing).

What do you replicate with Azure Site Recovery?

Lead design and deployment of site reliability and disaster recovery engineering using infrastructure as code, automation, and orchestration.

What data should you put in Azure?

Confirm that your group is involved in data backup and recovery.

Which apps benefit from integrating with Azure services?

Oversee that your staff researches and presents reports showing potential (internal) customers the cost benefit of purchasing organization products or services.

Will you be able to connect to multiple customer Azure environments for IoT scenarios?

Create, maintain, and execute test scenarios (unit, integration, regression) using your test management tool to support verification of all (internal) customer requirements (configuration, customization, security roles, reports, interfaces, workflow, etc.

Who can do what in your Active Directory and Azure Active Directory?

Architecture and engineering requirements for Active Directory and ADFS to accomplish Windows Domain Migration, and Office 365 tenant changes.

Will partners see Server subscriptions in the Azure pricing calculator?

Guarantee your team works with internal team and external partners to design, architect and deploy organization LANs, WANs, and wireless networks, including virtual servers, routers, switches, UPSs, and other hardware.

What are Azure virtual machines?

Offer a range of devices for bill and coin validation, cash recycling and dispensing systems, IoT applications for your enterprise-level connected products and services, and software applications to integrate sensory hardware to machines and networks.

Does your applications run on windows Azure?

Configure, install, deploy, and maintain software applications on Linux and Windows Servers.

What are the barriers to Azure adoption?

Collaborate with the (internal) customer to ensure that the proposed solution has been technically validated and that there are no technical barriers that would prevent the adoption of the solution.

What kind of test plans are available in Azure DevOps?

Create detailed, comprehensive and well structured test plans and test cases.

How to design a modern data architecture using Azure?

Make headway so that your design is involved in handling large amounts of data and real time event streaming.

Will azure usage be tied to any monetary incentive programs for partners?

Be certain that your process manages and guides design and creative development to ensure a consistent and recognizable brand look and feel; manages brand assets, positioning, tone, voice and style elements, and creates usage guidelines to assure consistent, cohesive execution across internal and external agency partners, channels, geographies, (internal) customers and value chain partners, and all media.

Which azure network watcher feature should you use?

Ensure strong understanding network security features like IP access lists and stateful protocol inspections.

How can a perimeter network in Azure be built?

Provide solutions to improve secure configuration and hardening of endpoint systems, perimeter networks, and cloud technologies.

Have you accounted for services in Azure which create the own virtual network?

New (internal) clients, new services, new markets and geographies, and maintain a network of relationships with key influencers.

Why do you need Azure Information Protection?

Hands-on involvement in supporting and maintaining information technology and cyber security tools and technologies (endpoint protection, vulnerability and patch management, desktop management, mobile security, and alerting and monitoring utilities).

What is device management in Azure Active Directory?

Needed involvement with account management, Active Directory, databases, mainframe, and LMS systems including monitoring performance and file permissions.

Is there a link on a how to install the Azure pack so your cloud looks like Azure?

Community connecting Interacting with technical/business influencers, frequent publishing and linking to (internal) client relevant content, and involvement and/or leadership of technically relevant groups.

What is the equivalent for google analytics for websites running on Azure?

Be confident that your operation is developing functional databases, applications and servers to support your websites.

How much does Azure Disk Encryption cost?

Ensure strong involvement with enterprise security concepts including network security lists, disk encryption and endpoint security technologies.

What encryption is used on Azure?

Provide technical support for Data Encryption, Application Security, and Security Monitoring solutions in cloud environments.

How do you calculate Azure costs?

Make sure your organization leads in efforts to design, maintain and support customer/institutional data through disk encryption management, network storage, desktop backup, and security permissions.

Do you already have Azure Security Center deployed and monitoring your servers?

All aspects of infrastructure design architecture, servers, storage environments and data centers (on-premises and in the cloud), infrastructure disaster recovery, voice and data networks, audio/visual, collaboration tools, end user computing, mobility, enterprise systems.

What is group-based licensing in Azure Active Directory?

Setup and maintain group policies and user account information in Active Directory for rights, permissions, and security.

How does azure site recovery work?

Be sure your strategy users can migrate NAS silos to the cloud storage of their choice for on-demand capacity expansion, built-in backup, instant disaster recovery, multi-site file sharing and a system that can span continents.

Is the identity of your tenant shared with Azure?

Confirm that your operation owns the design, delivery and maintenance and technical roadmap of shared platforms and capabilities like identity management, API management, O365 etc.

What is changing in how you purchase Azure services through volume licensing?

Make sure your workforce provides technical oversight for Regional Data Office platforms maintenance and demand to ensure core shared services are highly available and performant.

Which virtual machine can be migrated by using Azure Site Recovery?

Utilize big data analytics and data science modeling techniques to build machine learning models necessary to uncover opportunities associated with site optimization, customer journey, and personalization to maximize customer lifetime value.

Should you use the Azure virtual gateway or a network virtual appliance?

Design and Delivery of cloud foundational components like databases, logic apps, application gateways, compute, network, storage, backup, disaster recovery.

What happens if you log directly into the Microsoft Azure portal and bypass Partner Center?

Certify your team is using a technology agnostic approach and cutting edge software products, you deliver actionable intelligence to advance (internal) client and partner missions.

Which of your Azure virtual machines are running and how many subscriptions are enabled?

Enterprise scale technical involvement with cloud and hybrid infrastructures, architecture designs, database migrations, and technology management.

How can azure services be accessible when the internet itself is inaccessible?

Information Technology Services Department (IT): project management, strategy, technology administration.

How much will Azure cost your business?

Have had success in driving product integrity, process quality and supplier quality using the appropriate technology and business tools as Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, PPAP and SPC.

How can azure integrate AI into your app?

Analyze enterprise business, systems and applications, and technology environments in the context of meeting business strategy.

Which Azure resources are monitored by Azure security center?

Lead functional teams to design data center solutions including; HPC, Private Cloud, Windows, Linux, Storage, Compute, Backup, Disaster Recovery, Security, and Performance.

Why azure machine learning services?

Be sure your company provides services for broad range of applications including compute, storage, databases, networking, analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), security, and application development, deployment, and management.

Is there an equivalent Azure service which meets your requirements?

Assure your personnel participates in the Software Development Lifecycle process through requirements analysis, design, implementation, testing and validation in the Service Management system.

Can the services or the application running on the servers be moved to any PaaS service in Azure?

Concept and application of servers, storage, mainframes, monitoring, ITIL, metrics and performance management, disaster recovery, data center facilities management, managed services, and cloud computing.

How do you complete the Azure Monitor query?

Setup monitoring using the statistics collector or third party tools to ensure optimal query performance.

What is azure cloud services from dell emc?

Confirm that your design is working with cloud providers, development operations tools, configuration management, and cloud system architecture (load-balancing, auto-scaling, security groups, secrets management and key management).

What should you use to evaluate whether your organizations Azure environment meets regulatory requirements?

Make sure your staff is assessing the security and compliance of (internal) client organizations against regulatory and industry requirements and standards, and against security best practice frameworks, etc.

Who has access to Azure portal to submit access requests for system generated data?

Ensure timely removal or modification of access based upon termination listings, emergency requests and change request forms.

What is the cold start time for an empty Azure function?

Partner with cross functional teams to execute loyalty acquisition and retention strategies across paid media, email, social media, mobile app and web channels.

Should you use a certified Azure partner?

Engagement with cross functional partners including Legal, Sourcing, and Policy/Communications.

How to manage Sprint using Azure Boards?

Establish that your team is creating dashboards that allow internal consumers to gain insight into the performance of the functional areas.

Do you have an existing Microsoft Azure subscription?

Facilitate accounting functions as accounts receivables/payable, procurement/invoicing, vendor management, print media/on line subscription budget management.

What are the Azure deployment models?

Make sure your personnel is involved in Product Models execution using Continuous Integration, Continuous Development and Continuous Deployment.

What do you do with Microsoft Azure?

Support the development, deployment and use of the financial planning system and financial models.

What is new in Azure Active Directory?

Be sure your organization is involved in automating access control and provisioning processes such as pre-hire, onboarding, account provisioning, Role-Based Access Control, B2B access, Entitlement models and approval workflows.

Are your machines capable of running in Azure?

Ensure you have exposure to Network Security, and Enterprise technologies including; Cloud as a service models, virtualized technologies to include virtual machines, containers, and their inherent product offerings/challenges/trends.

Do you use services with your Azure resources?

Develop experience performing HR management advisory services for specific requests requiring research and applying human resources policies and practices.

How do you enable developers to maximize the benefits of Azure Stack?

Make sure the Team is comprised of Automation Architects, Software Development Leads and Software Developers who work on (internal) customers software integration, automation and orchestration projects.

What should you recommend implementing in Azure DevOps?

Do you start to send you resources that are more Java/J2EE Full Stack Engineers/Developers rather than Front End Developers.

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