It can be said that a Customer Service Rep serves three parties  namely, the customer, the organization the Customer Service Rep works for, and the Rep himself. The Customer Service Rep offers a front liner service to the customer by being the first staff the customer will be interacting with. The Customer Service Rep also serves his employer, which is the organization he works for and that provides either goods and/or services to the customers, by answering questions for the customer before deciding whether to refer the customer to someone higher up in the organizational hierarchy. Lastly, the Customer Service Rep serves himself by training as a customer service representative, becoming exposed to the line of business of his employer, and earning a living this way.

One way that a Customer Service Rep can help the clients is to help them make up their minds as to whether to buy Product A or Product B, or to patronize Service A or Service B, of the employer of the Customer Service Rep. To do this right, the Customer Service Rep has to know the product and/or service very well. It helps if the Customer Service Rep actually uses the product and/or service himself so that the customer knows the Customer Service Rep actually believes in what the organization is selling. This is why certain life insurance companies require their potential employees to purchase at least one policy with the company so that they know what it is like being an owner of a life insurance policy with their employer. Actually, this is a way for the Customer Service Rep to emphathize with the clients that will inevitably ask him what he thinks of the product and/or service of the employer.

For the Customer Service Rep to do his job properly, it is necessary that the employer provide sound working conditions. There is nothing worse than being asked to be pleasant to clients when your work conditions are terrible to work in.


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