You might be surprised who are the employers who resort to operating virtual call centers nowadays. On example is the use of virtual call center operations by a psychic hotline. To man the virtual call center, the psychic hotline issued a call for home-based email dispatchers who would be working on a regular shifting schedule. Other home-based employees for the virtual call center that the hotline was asking for were real tarot-card readers and genuine psychics (though these employees would not be required to work definite schedules and could come and go as they pleased  online that is.) For the position of Master tarot-card readers, mediums, clairvoyants, and psychics, applicants have to set a definite schedule when they are available for calls but have bonuses and other incentives offered as perks.

In the more mainstream range of virtual call center employment types, you might also find work with a gourmet food direct merchant. You could either be a home-based consultant if you have culinary or food technology skills, or simply join the team as an ordinary employee. This may be job positions which are easier to fill compared to the need for actual psychics as stated by the first employer we mentioned.

The commonality in virtual call center employment is that you will receive calls from the public in your home-based location or perhaps from a small office that the employer will create for your team. The advantage with a home-based location is that everyone (including the employer) will find their expenses to be much lower since the employee need not commute to work or even pay for appropriate clothing to wear to an office.


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