Why a MCDST Test Center is needed?

Microsoft Company is such a big company that almost all parts of the world are aware of its significant contribution in the computing industry.  Being it significant, people also know how essential it is to learn and understand the Microsoft products.  And to become more competitive in finding a job, becoming a Microsoft Certified individual poses great things.  For this reason, Microsoft has thought about establishing varied and different test centers all over the world to ensure that every person who wishes to take the examination shall have a chance to take it on his native place. 

Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician test centers are initially set-up in two large countries – the United States of America and Canada.  After the massive and wide acceptance of people about the certification thing of Microsoft from all over the world, the company decided to essentially establish and build accredited test centers in all continents of the world. 

Some of the more formidable test centers that achieved world-renowned status are the ones which were established in the more developed countries such as United Kingdom, Italy, and Netherlands and for the Asian countries, Singapore and Japan are the most renowned. 

Although, these test centers are geographically distant from their “mother” center, Microsoft Company makes sure that all protocols and standards are carefully controlled and assured.  This is to ensure that no test center deviates from what is conforming to standards. 

At the moment, more and more test centers are being built to accommodate more numbers of people who would want to acquire the certification most especially that we are reaching another breakthrough in the field of computers. 

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