Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) certification offers an IT professional with a simpler and more targeted framework to show their technical skills aside from the usual technical skills needed in a developer job roles.  This certification is for IT professionals who are specializing in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database or on business processes and integration solutions using Bestial Server 2006.

In simpler terms, this certification shows future employees that an IT professional has the capabilities to work for Microsoft technologies.

What are the different sub-specialties?

There are seven MCITP certifications that an IT professional can choose from. Here is a listing of them:

1.IT Professional: Business Intelligence Developer is a certification that shows that an IT professional can design analysis solutions, data transformations, and reports.

2.IT Professional: Consumer Support Technician demonstrates that an IT professional has skills in handling a broad range of consumer desktop operating systems.

3. IT Professional: Database Developer shows skills in designing and implementing relational database models and database storage objects.

4.IT Professional: Database Administrator demonstrates skills in installing or configuring Microsoft SQL Server and also management and maintenance of databases and others.

5.IT Professional: Enterprise Messaging Administrator shows that an IT professional has the skills to be a lead engineer for messaging solutions in an enterprise organization.

6. IT Professional: Enterprise Project Management with Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 is for project managers and other professionals who use Microsoft Office Project Professional 2007 and Office Project Server 2007 for management and support of projects in an enterprise project management environment.

7.IT Professional: Enterprise Support Technician showcases skills required for deploying and supporting the Windows Vista operating system.

There are many existing Microsoft certification-training courses, however the Microsoft Certified IT Professional or MCITP for Enterprise Administrator certification is specifically important.
Why is this so? It can give a person the right skills to help in his current position or in his future plans. There are MCSE training courses that will soon become a thing of the past and
MCITP Enterprise Administrator certification shall replace it soon.
Reasons for having an MCITP Enterprise Administrator certification:
First, a person who shall be acquiring an MCITP Enterprise administrator has many possibilities for an IT career. He could become an enterprise systems administrator, IT systems manager, enterprise security manager, systems architect, network administrator and enterprise security administrator.

Second, becoming an enterprise administrator means that a person is recognized among his peers and managers as leaders in Windows infrastructure design. Having this certification means that a person has acquired expertise in Windows Server 2008. This kind of server is special because builds on three MCTS certifications.

Third, a person with an MCITP Enterprise Administrator certification can be beneficial for Human Resources offices, HR managers, and individuals because this is a skill that can contribute to increased productivity.

Fourth, having an MCITP Enterprise Administrator certification has some special membership benefits such as technical information, product information and exclusive discounts on some Microsoft products and services. Moreover, invitations to Microsoft conferences and other training opportunities can also be availed.

A person is in the right direction if he decides to have a job as an enterprise administrator specifically having the MCITP Enterprise Administrator certification.

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