The power of the cloud is clearly apparent when you look at the (growing) list of organizations which are using the technology.  For instance, NASA’s use of cloud computing in the Mars “Curiosity” mission is pretty much legendary at this point.  Well, in the same way that cloud technologies can deliver amazing power and control on a purely infrastructure-related front, they can also add capabilities in other areas.  Cloud testing is an excellent example of how cloud computing can be applied in a highly useful and somewhat “creative” fashion.  In the past, performing extensive software tests was a laborious process that was at once time-consuming as well as very expensive; thanks to cloud testing however, we can now complete our procedures much faster and even cover more “territory”, so to speak.


Right now, IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS platforms are being used to deploy various types of cloud testing services.   This basically allows all of your various testing procedures to become more automated and cost-effective.  How, you ask?  Think of it this way; since a great number of businesses already have some type of cloud service platform running (either as a major pillar of their IT infrastructure or something peripheral) it only makes sense for them to add or explore things like cloud testing.  Also, because IaaS, PaaS and SaaS could be called more affordable alternatives to traditional IT (or aspects its’ various aspects), we’re talking about adding to what are already very economical approaches (to IT).  In this way, adopting cloud testing isn’t really that much of a stretch for most companies, since they’re probably already dabbling in the cloud anyway; nevertheless, cloud testing is very powerful and shouldn’t be underestimated.

For those businesses which haven’t begun to explore what cloud computing has to offer, there’s no need to worry.  In fact, a stand-alone cloud testing service could function as a great introduction to the world of cloud computing for companies that are a bit anxious when it comes to adopting new technologies.  Moreover, this brings up a very interesting point / side issue, which is training and certification for IT professionals in cloud testing.  The average IT worker can afford a basic (yet complete) certification course like the one that’s being offered here, and because we’re talking about an online program, they can finish it at their own pace. Furthermore, it’s likely that we’ll see a lot of demand for cloud testing specialists in the coming months and years, especially considering the constant and incredible demand for software as well as analytical tools for things like Big Data.

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So, how does cloud testing help businesses to avert risks?  Even the most basic IT infrastructure setup is composed of a number of critical pieces of software, right?  Also, the basic success of certain types of businesses is entirely dependent on the quality of the software / apps they are producing, correct?  Well, doesn’t it make sense that through faster, more accurate and powerful testing – a business might be able to virtually eliminate problems associated with their software before these issues are allowed to rear their ugly heads?   Similarly, because cloud testing is so highly automated, it can be deployed via scheduling and in a more frequent manner; this essentially means that businesses could catch a higher volume of minor issues in shorter turn-around periods (which means that they are also significantly diverting long-term risks).

Likewise, if an organization develops software, having a powerful “assistant” like cloud testing is a great way of keeping testing costs low while also helping to deliver products of a consistently higher quality.  You don’t have to be a business-minded person to realize that any company that routinely delivers a product or service on a consistently higher level is poised for success.  In other words, cloud testing will allow software developers to eliminate issues within the products they are creating which in turn means that they are also averting profit-loss risks and improving the overall reputation of their business as well.

By the same token, no one is currently trying to say that cloud testing is perfect at this particular stage in its development; but it is improving every single day.  One challenge in particular – testing between layers (software application, database, performance, etc…), is being tackled right now.  Connection dependency is also a slight problem; as, due to the fact that we’re not dealing with locally installed testing software, even slight connection disturbances can wreak havoc on testing procedures.  All in all however, cloud testing is on track to become one of the most vital and important tools which businesses can use to avert all kinds of risks associated with software.

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