A Customer Service Survey Form is used by organizations to check how well customer service is being provided by their front line staff, the Customer Service Representatives. Basically, a Customer Service Survey Form sets specific standards which all Customer Service Reps have to follow.

The standards start with the voice quality of the Customer Service Rep, then the way the Rep followed the scripted conversation, how quickly the Rep answers your call, whether the Rep understood the nature of the problem, and whether the Rep will provide a solution to the problem. Some companies use both a PABX recorded message system in conjunction with the services of Customer Service Reps. The PABX recorded message helps the companies send the callers to the appropriate department while the Customer Service Reps provide a human face to the company that clients can deal with.

Some clients may not be able to express themselves very well so they need a Customer Service Rep to help them navigate through the company system. This is especially true with bilingual systems where clients may be confused as to which language to use or they use one language more often than another. And they need the Customer Service Rep to show them respect as they request for services or make inquiries about products.

The Customer Service Survey Form helps provide valuable demographic information to the organization which can be used to determine who really uses or buys the products and/or services. This helps the organization orient their marketing and sales programs towards their real clients, not just to who they feel are their clients.

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