There can be various reasons why Google’s free keyword suggestion tool is significantly recommended in carrying out AdWords research. One of the main reasons is that every keyword is gathered directly from Google system itself. Having said so, this should be solely good enough motivation to use over other alternative keyword suggestion tools available.

Apart from having keywords data within its system, Google also includes all AdWords advertisers information there is. This simply means that Google contains relevant details, such as identity of a bidder or an advertiser, item for bidding or product promoted, and what specific keywords were used in every AdWords campaign that was carried out.

If one is to look closely on this, Google keyword suggestion tool can evidently uncover the most used or popular keywords that make money for advertisers, likewise identity of the advertisers themselves. Therefore, the most beneficial keywords, which should be aimed for are those with potential advertiser competition—keywords are sure to generate higher searchability hence potential sales and profits.

It is very obvious not to go for keywords with less or even no advertisement competition at all. Otherwise, this will only result to failure or money loss. Do not be misled that preferring for keywords with least competition is better for they are not capable to generate money. Competition created on keywords that make profit results for higher bidding amount among advertisers. In the process, identity of the highest advertiser can be revealed including the most popular keyword.

Lastly, there is nothing intimidating on paying higher cost for bid keywords since amount reduces eventually. These keywords may have been originally costly but they certainly provide more profitable results as compared those with lower advantage terms.

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