A lot of organizations and companies in different industries nowadays have been using enterprise architecture to guarantee a better chance of success in the output production of their particular departments, but what exactly is it? Well, enterprise architecture is basically a general description of how the current as well as the future structure of the entire organization is arranged, from its behavior down to its organizational sub-units. These and everything in between are aligned with the core goals as well as the strategic direction that the organization wishes to take. Modeling also takes place in enterprise architecture, especially since it is fast becoming the common practice within the entire United States Federal Government in order for the institution to carry on its many roles and responsibilities.

In enterprise architecture, there are many reference models that can serve as a framework in order to guide the different federal agencies in the way their architectures are developed. Modeling is used as a way to create the enterprise architecture which follows the business strategy and to ensure that the different investments in information technology are also aligned with one another. Because of this, enterprise architecture also allows the traceability as high up from the business strategy all the way down to the technology used in the sub-units, depending on the modeling that took place. These are not only applicable in information technology, but also maintain its solid ground in different but interrelated types of business optimization practices, organizational structure, performance management and process architecture as well.

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