Why Obtain a TOGAF 8 Certification?

Before the proliferation of the Internet, very few certificates in Information Technology were issued. Today, there are dozens of different types of applications which are related to networking, as well as Internet, software and hardware applications.

One of the many certifications that an Information Technology or IT professional can obtain is the TOGAF 8 certification. TOGAF stands for The Open Group Architecture framework and as the name implies, it is designed by The Open Group.  They are an organization which aims to circulate a free-for-all standard in the IT industry.

Naturally, The Open Group is responsible for issuing TOGAF 8 certifications. They introduced this type of IT certification which has already been awarded to more than 1,200 individuals since the program was first introduced. The goal of the program is to standardize the applications and usage of TOGAF throughout the IT industry, whether it is used by a public or private organization.

To obtain a TOGAF 8 certification, IT architects need to satisfactorily complete a qualifying training course, or take the TOGAF 8 examination. 

The benefit of being TOGAF 8 certified is that you will join an elite group of IT professionals and architects who possess the required skills in TOGAF methodologies.  This type of IT certificate is useful for both the service providers and tool vendors.

All in all, TOGAF is an essential tool for your business’ IT architecture so obtaining a TOGAF 8 certificate will bring about enormous benefits for your company’s information and IT systems.

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