These days, open source software is no longer used just merely to have a powerful and strong marketing strategy.  Having an open source software has become a way of life.  People who are inclined to using various software relatively want to have a tailored software for them, something that “feels” like and “looks” like they were the ones who created the software to resolve their issues.  

It is proven that an open source software specifically for web analytics is merely not about having strong marketing tool but relatively an open source web analytics software is:

a.    Capable of providing the web owner a software that is designed to perform the web analysis process based on the pre-determined needs of the web owner and not of the general users. This is something that has not been done all through out the existence of the previous web analytics software.  
b.    Capable of producing results based on the required set-up.  Let us say the company desires for a web analysis report on an instant, the web analytics software should be capable of cutting the edge to produce the required report.  This is only capable of being done if your web analytics software belongs to the open source family.  
c.    Capable of being modified – edit, change, add, delete, embed – any component that you think will add up more functionality to the software not minding the copyright issue.  With the open source, you just have all the freedom to perform modification on the software that you have.  

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