Anger Management training courses became en vogue sometime in the 20th century to help white employers and white employees deal with their African American co-workers after all the years of discrimination against coloreds being in the US workforce. Much of the anger was being expressed by the African Americans who were incensed at being discriminated against for jobs and compensation, with employers favoring white employees. White employees also needed Anger Management after being taught by white society for centuries that they had every right to discriminate against coloreds who were perceived as being inferior (despite proof held by African Americans that they were just as intellectually and physically gifted as their white colleagues.)

Nowadays, in the US context, there is still need for Anger Management Training because there are still many cases of discrimination in the US labor market and many cases of employees seething under the surface but unable to express their disgust with their working conditions.

Anger Management Training is also appropriate in organizations where it seems employees and even employers have a problem with keeping their temper in check, or expressing anger in appropriate ways. One psychiatrist characterized a middle-aged man who kept lashing out at those around him as having an impulse control problem  meaning, he would lash out if and when he pleased, regardless of where and when the situation was occurring. As you might expect, such types of people may create embarrassing, humiliating, and disturbing scenes even when in public or surrounded by colleagues.

Anger Management Training advocates do not say that anger in itself is unhealthy  rather, it is the overwhelming expression and feeling of anger that may point towards internal mental or psychological problems in the person expressing the anger.

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