If you ever want to get a rise out of a social media expert, call her one. Seriously, try it. Do it on Twitter or their blog or in person… and what you’ll get will range from mild “oh please!” to downright frustration verging on anger. In fact, it’s quite en vogue to practice humility when tagged as a social media expert. If you Google the phrase “I’m not a social media expert ” you’ll get over 4,800 results. Now, not all of them are blog posts about how “I don’t think I’m a social media expert” but a quick sampling of hits will show you that a good many are about this topic.

At first, you might think that it’s just humility. I mean, boastfulness isn’t really liked in the Social Media World and Social Media strategy consultants are quick to discount those that practice the art of self-spin. But I think it goes deeper than just humility.


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