Different IT professionals—whether developer, administrator, or support technician—nowadays are given various fair opportunities to enhance and develop further gained knowledge, experience, and acquired skills through obtaining significantly relevant Microsoft Certification. The Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCTIP) Enterprise Messaging Administrator is among these certifications that are continually being offered by Microsoft Corporation.

Specifically, MCTIP serves as initial certification to illustrate an IT professional’s specific area of proficiency. Such certification confirms acquired knowledge and skills related to play the role as lead engineer of an enterprise organization. Apart from this an MCTIP certified professional can be expected to display capability in designing and implementing relevant and potential messaging solutions using Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.

Moreover, an MCTIP: Enterprise Messaging Administrator certification holder has the ability to work, troubleshoot, and manage around 100 servers and beyond 500 users even. Normally, an MCTIP holder in Exchange Server 2007 would use the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 with both his/her critical thinking and advanced fixing or troubleshooting skills. And for an MCITP candidate to acquire MCITP: Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 certification, he/she has to pass successfully a particular exam on designing and developing messaging solutions with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.

For many candidates, becoming a competent MCTIP essentially means that the holder stands out with outstanding employers. Apparently, enterprising employers perceive successful MCTIP holders as highly experienced and skilled, advanced thinker, and most importantly, an IT professional who loves thus finds fulfillment in what he does.

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