Claims to Fame (in no particular order)

  •  Recently, we have trained in China, Korea, Taiwan, Bahrain, Dubai, USA & Hong Kong…..
  •  We train Sun Microsystems in South East Asia
  •  We train Samsung in Korea. Samsung won the 2005 itSMF Project of the Year (worldwide),
  •  We ran the first open calendar Managers course in Taiwan
  •  We have 6 ISO 20000 consultants, who also train,
  •  ISO 20000 consultants course: industry pass rate = 68%, TAOS average = 80%
  •  We have started consulting with a international maintenance and communications company and a QLD state govt agency about ISO 20000.
  •  We are working with a large NSW state govt department on all aspect of ITIL® (Security mgt, Infrastructure Mgt, Application Mgt) rather than just Service Delivery and Service support.
  •  Managers course in Australia: TAOS pass rate = 100% for 2006
  •  Foundations course (Australia) pass rate = 89%
  •  We have consultants trained as HP Openview Service Desk Administrators who have conducted ITIL® training with this tool.
  •  As a smaller company, our consultants gain more hands-on experience and this experience is visible in our training,
  •  We have the only Enter-trainer in Australia  😉
  •  We have podcasts about relevant ITSM topics

Ever since ITIL® ‘s inception in the late eighties, The Art of Service has been in operation. In 2000,
The Art of Service set up their global headquarters in Australia.  We service clients throught Asia Pacific, the middle East, the USA and Europe, there is no place too near or too
far.  We are heavily represented in
over 33 countries around the World.  From our introduction The Art of Service has been seen as an Innovator and
Leader in the ITIL® IT Service Management Industry, both in the education and
the consultancy areas.

But, why use The Art of Service you say?  Well…….

The Art of Service is not just a team driven company that are innovators in the field of ITIL® IT Service Management and Education, we
provide an unusual service that is uncharacteristic to this industry, ADAPTABILITY
You see, we don’t have set services, we don’t have set fees, and we
don’t have set boundaries that we work within.

Everybody’s needs and requirements are different, so why shouldn’t our services reflect that.

We take an unusual approach to the way we do business, we listen to
you, we then listen a little bit more and when that’s over we ensure
that we hear you.  Hearing you is our way of providing you with
the solutions that you require.  That’s correct; we deliver what YOU NEED,
not just what we want to offer.  If there is a particular situation
where you require specialised consultancy, ‘No’ is not in our
Vocabulary.  We will provide you with the right team member to
deliver your solution.  If by chance our collaboration of team
knowledge can’t provide you with your individual solution, we will find
someone who can.

Thank you for your time in exploring our site and we look forward to doing business.  


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