PMP stands for the accreditation standards for Project Management – hence it refers to a Project
Management Professional (or someone who has attained the desired level of proficiency for that ranking.)
Discount PMP books are simply books (or textbooks) to be used for preparing for the PMP
accreditation exam – but the books are sold at a discount.

How is it possible to buy discount PMP books then? One way is through bulk purchases. If you have a
lot of classmates who are committed to taking the PMP exam at the same time as you are, you might
want to ask them to join you in ordering a bulk purchase of the PMP books you need. This actually is
considered favorable by publishers who may need to sell off their surplus PMP books to make way for
new inventory anyway. It is also beneficial for the PMP examinees as well who can reap cost savings
when they join in bulk purchase efforts.

Another way to get discount PMP books is to order straight from the publisher. By using this method,
you bypass middlemen like bookstores, wholesalers, and even websites who take a cut from the
purchase price of the book to cover their own expenses and profit margins. Some publishers may also
offer their own sites (online and in real time) where you can place your order or orders for the discount
PMP books. Publishers do this to maintain more control over the distribution of their books and also to
help out readers who prefer to buy their books at a much lower cost than that offered by any retail


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