Sure, we’re still living in a world that’s largely controlled by what many might call “old school” technologies; like the personal computer and grid-based networking, for instance.  But we’re slowly seeing these things being replaced by their “cousins” in the cloud computing world.  You might be wondering why this might be the case; simply put, there are some really great and obvious things that cloud technology is capable of which goes far beyond what most people are even aware of.

For starters, cloud computing can be applied to nearly any situation you can think of, from the individual user to the IT needs of a giant corporation.  Secondly, the cloud can function as a sort of “quick deployment platform” for all manner of software; greatly enhancing the speed, efficiency and access to it as well.  Similarly, it is possible to save quite a lot of energy through the use of cloud computing, this is especially true of situations where there might be dozens or even hundreds of machines plugged into a network.  Moreover, there’s also the immense power that’s wielded by the cloud, its scalability being a primary contributor to its ability to tap into vast resources at a moment’s notice.

Perhaps one of the better examples of the cloud’s ability to achieve amazing things comes from the notion of how it can revolutionize business processes.  Normally when we think about IT in the workplace we’re only dealing with a bank of resources which are largely internal, on-site and completely controlled.  With the birth of cloud computing however, it is now possible for companies to get their IT resources from a 3rd party provider, even across long distances.  Similarly, it is also possible for companies to set-up or “create” their own clouds and / or use a service that allows them to manage 3rd party tools.  In short, a business can do a lot of stuff through the use of cloud computing, and it’s only going to become more obvious as the technology improves.

In a similar fashion, the cloud is also being used by businesses to find new ways to connect with and serve consumers.  Sometimes this is done by way of uniquely designed cloud apps, other times through services (free or not) which bring some specific function to users (like,etc…for example).  In terms of what cloud computing can do to improve a company’s internal operations, well, as they say “the sky’s the limit”.  In other words, the cloud can drastically improve the way you do business, regardless of what field or market you’re in.

For those who are looking to enter the IT field with a concentration in cloud computing, you should know that you’re making a very wise decision.  In fact, hiring in the area of cloud computing is on the rise, as are salaries (see this Forbes article for specific information about where the highest paying cloud salaries are).   As expected, the biggest hiring sectors for cloud technicians seem to be in:

  • IT for businesses
  • Manufacturing
  • Scientific fields
  • Information (specialized IT companies)

In fact, according to a CDW survey, one of the biggest and perhaps best groups of cloud users (and promoters) is home users of the technology.  This might come as a shock to those who are convinced that cloud computing is a strictly corporate thing, but there are literally millions upon millions of individuals out there who not only know how to use cloud products and services, but seem to be doing an even better job of promoting them.  Naturally, this is very interesting because it might signal additional opportunities or even a shift where smaller groups of people will gain more influence.  Big organizations will still “hold all the cards” so to speak, but it’s exciting to think that future cloud software development might become more accessible to a greater number of people (thanks to something like modularized design).  This would allow the scope of the cloud to expand in directions which no one could have anticipated, and perhaps at increasingly faster rates as well.

So, what do you need to secure a great career in cloud computing?  In all honesty, if you hold a solid certification in one or more cloud disciplines you could easily find employment within the field.  These types of certification programs are designed to be both efficient in their teaching methods as well as thorough (without needlessly wasting your time).  By the same token, an online cloud computing certification course is going to be infinitely cheaper than virtually any other alternative you can think of.   What’s more, most of these packages include either a test voucher and/or practice exams which closely mirror those you will be taking.  In other words, if you’re ready to secure a better future career outlook, cloud certification is definitely a step in the right direction (and there will be plenty of businesses eager to hire you as well).


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