Pardon the pun, but it seems a growing number of ITIL® Service Manager “champions” are very keen to participate in the Manager Bridging Program.  If the way our March and April programs are filling is any indication then the desire to upgrade is growing.


As we discuss the reasons with our Managers, it seems that the motivations are varied, including:

  • “we are wanting to implement v3, so I thought it best to upgrade my quals so I know how to lead my team”
  • “I am keen to get that expert status .. would look good on my resume”
  • “I love to study, and it seemed like a natural progression”
  • “because I want the most up to date qualification”
  • “my supervisor has requested that o do it”


These were just some of the reasons when asked why they were wanting to enrol…


What is clear, as I stated before is the desire to do the program.


We too are eagerly awaiting this program, as we can clearly see the benefits for our clients. 


Are you champing at the bit to upgrade? – Why, why not?


Please feel free to email on

Till next time Cheers from the ITIL® Australia Team at The Art of Service



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You can use Act! in various ways to get your CRM jobs done. For one thing, Act! can be used in combination with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Word so that you can use the functions of both Act! and these programs seamlessly. If you are the type who needs close coordination with contacts, then Act! might be the perfect program for your needs.

Sage Software made Act! an easy, user-friendly product that can be readily deployed out of the box or even customized specially for your business requirements, as deemed necessary. This means you need not go out of your mind trying to figure out complicated programs from other manufacturers with Act! around to help you. It also leaves you with more time, energy and mental resources intact that you can devote to making your core business function better and more efficiently  which is what any CRM product worth its sale price ought to be able to do in the first place.

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