Will CloudPassage bring even more security and stability to cloud computing?

Will CloudPassage bring even more security and stability to cloud computing?


Arguably, the single biggest “hot button” issue in the world of cloud computing continues to be security. At this point, there really aren’t that many people left who might be inclined to believe that cloud computing is anything but a step in the right direction, technologically speaking. But if there’s one thing that strikes fear into the hearts and minds of cloud aficionados, it’s probably the issue of security.

Let’s not foster a misunderstanding or “get our wires crossed” though, cloud computing is in most respects, very secure. The reason why security in the cloud is such an important point of interest is that has yet to present a marked improvement over that of traditional IT. In other words, in general, cloud computing is at least as secure as most of the infrastructure that we have running right now (which is not cloud-based). What the tech community is after however, is a new type of security altogether; something that will not only be extremely secure and highly manageable, but also powerful enough to make traditional IT security redundant.

With the release of CloudPassage Halo, we might just have made one big step closer toward realizing an even more secure and stable form of cloud infrastructure. But before we get into exactly how CloudPassage might help clouds achieve new standards of security, we need to ask the question; what is CloudPassage?  

First off, you only need to look at who CloudPassage is partnering with to understand that they must be offering a quality security solution. Some of the top cloud providers in the world right now (like Rackspace and AWS) are partnering up with CloudPassage and leveraging its security solutions. In addition to providing an active, multi-tiered form of cloud security, CloudPassage is also deployable on public, private and hybrid clouds. Simply put, this is an extremely versatile security solution which essentially has “all the bases covered”.

CloudPassage Halo security components
The following are a number of components / benefits offered by CloudPassage:  

  • Firewall Automation – Allows you to manage multiple firewalls from one central location.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication – Engage in remote administration and utilize “GhostPorts” along with single use passwords.

  • Configuration Security – Useful for containing expanding exposure, also highly compatible and adaptable to various policies.

  • Vulnerability Scanning – You not only get up-to-the-second data concerning system security, you are also given or prompted with specific actions you can take in the event of a problem / breach.

  • File Integrity Monitoring – Allows you to monitor servers for unauthorized alterations to important system elements and components.

  • Account Management – Advanced management of all layers of your IT / cloud infrastructure is possible (assimilation and centralization).

  • Security Event Alerting – Not only will you have a more in-depth logging system in place, but it will also allow for event-specific alerts / actions and give you the ability to create and store profiles and groups.

  • API Automation – Provides an entirely new approach to security and system integration / automation (much more in-depth and to-the-point).

In order to implement and / or take advantage of CloudPassage Halo has to offer, you are probably going to need an IT team that understands and can work with cloud computing infrastructure, right? You basically have two options; one, hire an entirely new cloud computing division, or two, simply have your current IT department certified and/ or trained in one of several cloud computing disciplines.

They’ve created a (good) Monster!
What CloudPassage has basically created is a more versatile and complete set of interconnected and compatible security solutions for cloud computing which also address many of its major perceived (security and stability) flaws. What’s truly exciting about all of this is the fact that virtually all of the seemingly insurmountable security issues touted by cloud naysayers are not only addressed, they are elegantly (and somewhat simply) dealt with. This is what (arguably) makes CloudPassage Halo such a potentially useful system; it is basically providing easy to understand solutions which are also highly customizable and deployable. With CloudPassage adding new major clients and customers to their ongoing list on a regular basis, we might be seeing a clear indication that one of the first major cloud security solutions might have arrived.  

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