Proven with a potential and essential communications technology that provides high data speed network connectivity particularly to specified hot spots, WiMAX technology provide people with access to various network/service providers such as in a mobile technology. Specifically, WiMAX technology network connectivity ensures that a certain service provider that lacks network is established with a stable one at a relatively low price. In addition, WiMAX provides easier, faster, effective, and efficient network and communication platforms.

An ideal WiMAX technology is basically characterized by channels that do not overlap. So, while substantial data transmissions are carried out, data transfers are successfully achieved despite small distances between channels. Hence, everything is kept intact. ‘

Perhaps, an excellent example would be the IEEE 802.16 standard technology initiative. The IEEE 802.16 exclusively uses a frequency range from 10 to 66 GHz. Such conditions are suitable since the given frequency range reduces probable development and occurrence of multi path distortion. It is during these events that signals transmitted divert from the line of sight and successfully finishes the entire path, therefore shuffling inbound communication while reducing bandwidth.

Moreover, WiMAX network is capable to offer a sole channel data with rates of up to 75 Mbits/s (evenly uplink and downlink). In contrast, service providers normally use approximately 802.16 channels to carry out a single broadcast providing up to a 350 Mb per second bandwidths. Also, WiMAX network is perceived supremely scalable due to its simplicity—only involves broadcast channels to provide necessary additional bandwidth. And in terms of security, WiMAX technology has all the advantages mainly because it uses PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) authentication—transmission is carried out through digital certificates by recognizing different parties over reliable authorities.

Apart from the initial and basic functions, services, and features, WiMAX continue to provide both private and public consumers with more new products and services. The Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access or commonly known as WiMAX is a telecommunications innovation and technology that offers wireless data transmission in various methods (from point-to-point connectivity to full mobile cellular-type accessibility). WiMAX is basically based on the IEEE 802.16 standard or WirelessMAN.

WiMAX continues to gain more support and recognition for both products and services offered. Service-wise in particular, WiMAX persists in conceptualizing and providing new services and make them widely available for consumers. Sprint joint venture is among the many collaborative efforts WiMAX had initiated and established. So, while possessing absolute advance and sophisticated resources and methods, WiMAX aims to providing helpful technical services, including automobiles with video and live real broadband TV.

Specifically, Sprint has its plan of lining up its partners for the purpose of localizing the WiMAX experience. In connection to this kick off project, Sprint ensures that all Sprint users will regularly receive news, restaurant reviews, weather updates, and other advance features. This much awaited kick off event with WiMAX, is expected to happen this forthcoming 2008 fall.

Generally, Sprint is just among the many leading mobile companies, with which WiMAX continues to collaborate with. WiMAX’s join efforts with these companies result to better products offered, enhanced sales and income, and better company image or profile. In the process, these various joint ventures allow WiMAX technology made widely available to consumers in whatever form and/or method.

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