With the widest network wireless broadband connectivity and mobile internet 24/7 anywhere you are, WiMax has indeed gone so far. The interoperability and compatibility of WiMax to any device and any network, the WiMax technology services offered by WiMax equipment vendors are now supporting thousands and hundreds of business, residences, and mobile internet users worldwide.

The WiMax technology provides unmatchable benefits and advantages to all its users and these are the driving force used by WiMax equipment vendors to advertise and sell WiMax equipment.

The WiMax Equipment Vendors and the Products and Services They Provide
1. The TESSCO Technologies Incorporated trades WiMax wireless network solutions that are employed in designing, building, running, maintaining, and using wireless systems.
2. MTI Wireless Edge Ltd. develops and delivers WiMax flat panel antennas that are used in commercial applications since they offer high-performance antenna solutions.
3. The Ice Qube which designates itself in manufacturing electronic enclosure cooling systems and solutions is widely recognized in delivering products such as air conditioners, heat exchangers, filtered fans and so on to equip work stations with highly-engineered facilities.
4. The Anatech Electornics is directly engaged in supplying RF (radio frequency) and microwave antennas to cater the needs of the wireless communication industry.
5. The Berkeley Varitronics Systems is dedicated in serving WiMax Handheld test equipment that were designed for telecommunications industry, programming, light manufacturing, and hardware production engineering.
6. The Motorola Canopy Wireless Broadband Platform is known in bringing WiMax Point-to-Point equipment, Line-of-Site and Non-Line-of-Site equipment to deliver high demand technologies in wireless internet access.
7. The Gigabeam’s WiFiber also offers services provided by Motorola and in addition WiFiber Wireless Fiber equipment are also available for multigigabit-per-second transmission of data services.
8. The Alvarion that doesn’t just offer Point-to-Point solutions but wireless access equipment that particularly conforms to standards set by IEEE 802.16 and ETSI HIPERMAN standards.
9. The Axxcelera Broadband Wireless allows broadband fixed wireless access solutions intended for rapid and easy deployment of network connectivity.
10. The Redline Communication is the prime vendor for carrier class wireless broadband solutions that is already proven in reliability and security operations.

There are still wide-ranging WiMax equipment vendors available in the market which all aims to provide high-speed internet connectivity operations to all kinds of enterprises.


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