WiMAX Last Mile: Bringing Internet to Where It Has Never Gone Before

The Worldwide Interoperability Microwave Access or WiMAX has become popular because of its flexibility and greater reach. It operates under the IEEE 802.16 standard. One body responsible for promoting this technology is the WiMAX Forum. It promotes it by informing the end users and the entire public what the technology provides. It also helps facilitate interoperability by certifying WiMAX compliant hardware, applications and solutions.

The WiMAX technology has quite a number of uses. For one, it can connect Wi-Fi hotspots together. In addition to that, it can provide high performance high speed data and other telecommunications services and solutions. It also helps businesses benefit from a continuous connectivity even if the whole enterprise is served by multiple providers whether they are using fixed or mobile internet connections or both.

One other thing WiMAX is most useful in is the provision of last mile broadband service. In fact, it is seen to be the alternative to DSL and cable internet connections. This should interest most end users since it is them who are most benefited by this. The last mile refers to the final stage in which internet connections are to be served by an internet service provider to its clients. This means that internet connections can be brought to them more easily. By doing away with cables in the last mile stage, internet connection can easily be availed and served to them. It could also be more cost effective for both the service providers and the end users. And lastly, it also means that internet service can now be provided to places where providing such service was economically impossible before.

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