When a technology comes into being, it is said that the standards that it is composed of are more likely to be refurbished once in awhile to make sure that they are up-to-date. And with the way WiMax is being known, questions are coming in if the standards of WiMax are actually finalized. The answer is plain and simple: it would never be totally finalized, not yet.

Just like other cable standards (to site one, DOCSIS), the standards for WiMax are evolving every once in awhile until it would finally reach the realization of final standards. Too bad for cable standards it is quite evolving in a slower pace. So to compare, WiMax is faster to think that this technology came later than cable. There have been so many firms trying to test these standards so that they would be able to come up with a reliable product that would be enjoyed by the majority.

Right now the Fixed WiMax is close to getting a standard that would work well with its market. There are a few companies that got certification for this fixed WiMax and some that are about to be certify in aspects such as air interference, QOS and other added components. It is through these added components that one company gets to have an edge with the others. And then there is also mobile WiMax which is getting more popular everyday. Anyway, with these standards being updated every once in awhile, consumers get to experience better technology and that is what’s important.

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