Be accountable for using configuration manager and software center to create, manage, update, and deploy software packages, patches, and updates to Windows 10 physical and virtual endpoints in a distributed environment.

More Uses of the Windows 10 Toolkit:

  • Ensure your organization Windows 10 configuration, profiles, group policies, Distributed File System, etc.
  • Be accountable for shifting the ways clients invest in, integrate, and innovate technology solutions.
  • Lead: engineer and maintain system configurations and application packages for Windows 10, and macos systems.
  • Update inventory records in your clients proprietary asset management database.
  • Become fluent with Windows 10 deployments, settings, enhancements and features.
  • Install, maintain, and upgrade workstations, desktops, laptops to Windows 10.
  • Diagnose and support hardware failures, operating system application issues and network connectivity.
  • Identify and surface trends of client issues with a focus on potential solutions.
  • Confirm your organization participates in systems patching and software updates during defined maintenance (Windows 10 Environment).
  • Supervise: software and hardware troubleshooting skills to resolve issues arising due to Windows 10 operating system.
  • Be accountable for imaging and configuring personal computers with Windows 10 OS, Windows Office Professional 2016 or higher, and other agency standard software using Systems Center Configuration Manager.
  • Make sure that your organization installs, upgrade and administers operating systems and application software in multi user client/server environments, using Windows 10.
  • Install/update operating systems and business applications on windows pcs Windows 10.
  • Ensure you respond to and resolve workstation, application, and any hardware related issues for Windows 10.
  • Assure your organization Windows 10 enterprise operating system features, settings and installation.
  • Pilot: system installation, configuration, administration, troubleshooting, maintenance, monitoring, and security with Windows 10 professional or enterprise.
  • Ensure compliance of security best practices on the Azure/Windows 10/Office 365 infrastructure to comply with industry standard framework and policies.
  • Follow the script to inform contacts about the importance of quarantine and what to do if symptoms develop.
  • Supervise: tailor communication style and troubleshooting delivery to match knowledge or skill level of end user.
  • Be certain that your organization helps to create and distribute software programs to client machines using SCCM.


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