Perform penetration tests against external networks, internal networks, web applications, mobile applications, social engineering, phishing, vishing, physical security, Wireless Networks, and more.

More Uses of the Wireless Networks Toolkit:

  • Maintain the functionality, security, and uptime of critical technology systems as Wireless Networks, virtual machine and storage infrastructure, and communication systems.
  • Be accountable for deploying and setting up servers, networks, Firewalls, switches, Wireless Networks, etc.
  • Pilot: test wired and wireless network for security vulnerabilities.
  • Organize: configuration and troubleshoot Wireless Networks.
  • Supervise: implement and troubleshoot wired and Wireless Networks.
  • Support development of innovative concepts and algorithms in supporting areas of software defined networking, network automation, Wireless Networks, and secure communication protocols.
  • Control: design, plan, establish, and optimize Wireless Networks.
  • Be accountable for performing systems engineering, design, analysis, and experimentation of Wireless Networks.
  • Have expert knowledge in successfully conducting exploitation of wireless network and mobile device exploitation operations.
  • Coordinate: implementation of new solutions for guest Wireless Networks.
  • Evaluate the performance of operational wireless network using various measurement tools and testing equipment.
  • Be accountable for supporting Wireless Networks.
  • Methodize: program, analyze and resolve problems related to the data wired or wireless network and/or telecommunications systems.
  • Ensure you establish; skilled with Wireless Networks.


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