For the record, web analytics is defined as the measurement, analysis, collection, and eventually reporting processes of data from the internet for a particular purpose: to understand and optimize web usage.

However, it would be better to take a closer look at the Web Analytics Association to gain an insightful understanding of web analytics.

Web Analytics Association is the representation of everybody involves in marketing industry online. WAA is the one responsible in inviting everybody to give their participation in maximizing their abilities to innovate strategies not just in online marketing but also in development and creation of tools, software, and program needed in furthering the activities on the Web.

So, as Web Analytics defines and shapes the future of the web analytics community they give their assistance in making each of their objective successful. What are these objectives?

1.    To help in standardizing the terms, definitions, and the excellent practices that will be deployed in the industry.
2.    To spread their influence in legislation that shapes the web analytics industry in its entirety.
3.    To develop, enhance, and execute training and certification programs so that the professionalism within the web analytics communication will be edified and strengthened for the welfare of the whole trade.
4.    To unite and bond the web analytics professionals, consultants, and of course the end-users to talk about certain issues.
5.    To put together the combined forces to more forward in achieving the common interest of the entire industry of web analytics.

So, with Web Analytics Association everything about the welfare, improvement, development, and achieving business success is prioritized, dealt with, and put into action.

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