In terms of trying to find a better service, WordPress is currently in the league of providing this better than others. Of course, the existence of tight competition between such websites is the main reason why there are an ever-growing number of innovations being added to the services. Also, there is a need to be unique with the rest of the crowd.

Because of this, there are now many kinds of add-ons available on WordPress like:
•    Sidebars, which on WordPress could now be turned into so many other views, and this increases its uniqueness.
•    The ever so important replies of the viewer on the blog posts.
•    The availability of pictures, which could now be uploaded on WordPress. This increases the blogs uniqueness.
•    The so-called random redirect, which allows random visitors to be able to view the blogs of another in manner that is best seen as stumbling into unexpected write-ups.

These are all innovations put into WordPress, and anyone with the basic knowledge of computer and Internet know-how’s will be able to make their account look better.
Aside from these, there are also other tricks available to liven up the account, but these require added knowledge on codes. Of course, all of these must follow the specific guidelines provided by WordPress, and are necessary in keeping WordPress as professional as it was when it was launched.  

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