Disqus, an international comment system that is dedicated to improve the websites discussion, has updated their WordPress API plugin with an additional sustenance for Seesmic commenting. The WordPress API edition of the plugin delivers content on a blog so it can be accessed by search engines, which are in contrary to the formerly used JavaScript edition.     

The new edition of WordPress API is actually liked by many of its users, especially by those individuals who want to use the service delivered by Disqus but do not want to drop the SEO advantages of a vivacious comment thread. However, this new edition presents a draw back too. Since it is called as an “intrim release,” it also means that it can also come with bugs just like beta editions.

Some individuals though still encourage the installation of this new edition for several reasons such as its capability to strongly support the Seesmic commenting. To those who are interested, WordPress API plugin can be downloaded in selected sites online such as the The Inquisitr. Anyhow, Disqus CEO Daniel Ha has announced to the users to inform him if ever they encounter some bugs. Users are also suggested to prepare themselves to flip back the previous official API release once a serious issue arises.  
Essentially, Disqus presents this blog plug-in, particularly in WordPress, to significantly enhance the comments on blog and combine it with a complete sensible community forum. The service of Disqus includes ads threads, spam control, rating of the comment, and the capability for the user to identify every commenter. Through the use of this system, blog comments can be completely replaced or can be activated on recent posts.

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