The WordPress codex serves as the online manual for the users of WordPress. This can provide an individual about everything he wants to know about the proper ways to use WordPress—right from the installation down to customization—everything is detailed here. In fact, WordPress codex is regarded as a living manual because new facts as well as articles are being added here every now and then.

 Essentially, when one has a WordPress codex, he can expect to take a journey into the necessary information he needs to know about WordPress such as the following:
•    WordPress Lessons: WordPress codex presents the fundamental tutorials that are simple to follow for the beginners in WordPress. An intermediate level is also offered inside.
•    Blogging for Beginners: This living manual also presents the detailed introduction to blogging. This illustrates the usual concepts including terms that clearly differentiate blogging from website.
•    WordPress for Beginners: WordPress codex clearly explains the fundamental facts that need to be learned by a beginner in WordPress to help him build his blog perfectly.
•    Using WordPress: This living manual vitally shows the right ways to write a post as well as to take control of the blog from WordPress Administration Panels.
•    Exploring WordPress Features: This includes the discussion about the significance of the WordPress Feeds. Essentially, this enumerates one’s authority as a blog administrator.
•    WordPress Comments and Discussions: Through WordPress codex, an individual is becoming aware on the proper ways to handle the comments his blog is receiving; thus, improves site interactivity.

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