Anyone who is interested to make a quality website using WordPress can start now by creating WordPress homepage. There is actually no problem if a person does not really know how to create a WordPress homepage because there are several guides that are available online today. Actually, once a person have already installed WordPress including the recommended plugins, it would be easier for him to create WordPress homepage.
So basically, an individual must have a blog though it looks like a conventional WordPress blog with an about page and “Hello World” post. There are actually numbers of customizations that can be done but a homepage can be completed even without them. Now, the first thing that should be taken is to login in the WordPress dashboard. Then, click the Manage and proceed to Post menu to open a list of current WordPress posts. Afterwards, a post with a title “Hello World” will appear that serves as a default post of WordPress as a starting point of the user.

However, once this post has been deleted, the homepage will automatically change. And if the user attempts to view the homepage of his blog, he will be noted with “Not Found—Sorry.” This is the result once the homepage has not featured any post. From here, the user can go back to the dashboard then proceed to Manage and then to Page menu. Here, an About page will appear. This also needs to be deleted in order to create the support pages.

Without a single content in the blog, a homepage can now be added. After this, click the Write and then Page and not Post. Clicking the Page will make a Page for the homepage. Finally, the user now may write the content of his homepage.     

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